*price is for each speaker*

Dual 2 Ohms
4000 Watts
Power Handling = 4000 Watts peak; 2000 Watts RMS each
Frequency Response = 25-700 cycles


High-strength 15” aluminum-cast basket with venting to allow cooler operating temperatures and lower air pressure under spider
Double foam, heavy-duty aluminum cone for low distortion at high volume
256 oz high-energy magnet for efficiency and high output
8” vented and extended T-YOKE to prevent damage to voice coil, relieve pressure under dust cap, and enable speaker to run at cooler temperatures
Extended pole piece to enhance magnetic field linearity
Long-throw 4” dual 2 ohm aluminum voice coil for vast cone excursions, durability, and heat dissipation under high power
Extra-stiff 10" nomex flat spider for greater restoring force and linearity


Total Weight, lb    53
Nominal Impedance [Zn], ohm [per coil]    2
Resonance Frequency [fs], Hz    27
Sensitivity [SPLo], dB at 1W, 1m    87
Effective Piston Area [Sd], in²    127
Power Handling Watts, Peak (RMS)   2000
Effective Frequency Range, Hz    25-700
Effective Excursion [EXmax Tm], in    0.750
DC Resistance [Re], ohm [coils in series]  4
Voice Coil Inductance [Le], mH [per coil]  2.4
Voice Coil Diameter [d], in    4.0
Voice Coil Length [h], in    2.5
Outer Frame Diameter, in    16
Hole Cut-Out Diameter, in    14
Mounting Depth, in    11
Magnet Weight, oz    256

Recommended Sealed Enclosure – Moderate Efficiency
Compact (Minimum Enclosure Volume)    2.8 ft³
SQ (Maximum Enclosure Volume)            8.0 ft³

Recommended Rectangular Port Enclosures – High Efficiency
Compact             3.8 ft³ + port displacement 
                           2.5” x 12.5” port, 20” long
                          (6.4 cm x 31.8 cm port, 50.8 cm long)
SPL/Deep Bass   5.0 ft³ + port displacement
                           3” x 12.5” port, 20.5” long
                          (7.6 cm x 31.8 cm, 52.1 cm long)